“Peek a boo” is a universal, all-time favorite game that kids and adults alike love to play for that aspect of “surprise.” At Peek A Boo boxes we strive to bring out the fun in gift giving and surprise in gift-receiving. so everyone can unleash their inner child.


At Peek a Boo Boxes, we have decided to utilize gift boxes rather than gift baskets to preserve that experience of surprise, while also providing elegance and luxury to our clients, and adopting an eco-friendlier experience than gift baskets. Our gift baskets are secure, compact, and recyclable or reusable. They come with a classy ribboning, lush tissue wraps, a thank you note from us, and all the gift items properly packaged, presented and secured for effective shipping. Founded in 2022, the Peek a Boo box team strives for excellence, integrity and customer satisfaction.


Gift giving increases love and appreciation between the
giver and recipient and strengthens relationships. Special occasions, holidays, and birthdays are always all-the-more worthwhile when you can share a token of appreciation with the person you love or want to impress. At Peek a Boo boxes, we envision gift giving as an expression of thanks and gratitude, appreciation and love, and celebration. We have gift boxes for all kinds of special occasions, and they have been carefully crafted with much thought, creativity, and care.


We support local businesses and have carefully selected products from select Vancouver wholesalers, whose values align with our own. In each box we have strived to include a variety of quality items that best represent the gift-boxes theme. We do not only cater to traditional special occasions but also personalities! Whether your friend is a vegan, a coffee
lover or is lavender-obsessed – we have boxes for all kinds of people!


We are currently shipping our boxes anywhere across Canada and can offer same day delivery within the Vancouver area. In the future, we hope to also ship to the US. We will keep you posted on our website for more updates.


We thank you for taking the time to stop by our website and explore the array of our Peek a Boo gift boxes for all occasions and personalities! Our success is based on our customers satisfaction, and we would love to hear from you if you have any feedback or recommendations for more of what you would like to see! If you would like to personalize a box with a customized message, and/or customized items, please do not hesitate to contact us too. Your happiness is our main priority at Peek a Boo boxes.