Mexican Foodie Basket

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Bring the flavors of Mexico to your home with this Mexican Foodie Basket! Enjoy a crisp hibiscus drink and nuts, salsa chips, delicious Mexican tortillas, rice and refried beans with green salsa and jalapenos, and top it off with a mole sauce. For dessert, savor a rich hot chocolate drink. A perfect gift for the perfect meal!

*Mole Mexican Sauce Dona Maria, 234g

*Tostitos Salsa Verde, 74g

*Jamaica Hibiscus Drink, 340g

*Herdez Green Salsa Sauce, 453g

*Chata Refried Pinto Beans, 430g

*Sliced Jalapeno Peppers Dos Amigos, 114ml

*Goya Mexican Rice Chicken Flavor, 198g

*Valentina Mexican Hot Sauce, 370ml

*Mannys Flour Tortilla, soft taco size, 10qty, 283g

*Authentic Mexican Hot Chocolate Drink, 90g

*Maximillien Milk Chocolate Almonds, 80g

*Cashew Almond Caper, 65 g

*Baked Non GMO Coated Peanuts, 180g

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